The 2nd Annual Commemoration of the Declaration of World Peace

Peace is essential, important and required around the world. But, we have witnessed the lives of millions of people being threatened not only by the continuous threat of war but also by chronic and persistent poverty, child sexual exploitation, organized crime, et cetera. It doesn’t matter that world peace is an uttainable purpose, what matters is that we never give up on striving for it, fighting for fulfilment of human rights and also child rights. said that during the last 10 years, around 10 millions children are estimated to have been killed as a results of war. The situations resulting from armed conflicts affect primarily children because of their vulnerability, and do so in many different ways. Often alone and helpless because of the reigning chaos, some become child soldiers, others are forced into exploitation. The fundamental rights of these children are shamelessly flouted for the benefit of barbarous and cruel acts. Many of them remain deeply traumatized, wounded, or even disabled.

Therefore, International Peace Youth Group South Korea, ECPAT Indonesia and KOMPAK Jakarta conducted a Peace Walk Campaign in Gelora Bung Karno National Stadium Jakarta, Indonesia on 31st of May 2015 to celebrate the 2nd Annual Commemoration of the Declaration of World Peace.

This campaign was the first collaboration between the IPYG South Korea, ECPAT Indonesia and KOMPAK Jakarta. This was our first peace world campaign, 70 people people from universities and schools have participated in this first campaign which held in Car Free Days areas where people gathered with family and friends to do jog and any other kind of sports activity. A year ago, the campaign was successfully held in Seoul and Busan, South Korea with over 30.000 participants from 130 nations present.

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